Upgrade Your Leadership Development Training!

For your up and coming managers and High Potential Leaders (HiPo Leaders) we provide augments your leadership development program by giving your high potential staff access to the best practices of the world's top companies and executives. Great execution is what separates the most successful companies, HiPoLeaders gives your team the knowledge and insight to execute brilliantly. Go to HiPoLeaders.com for more info.

Participants have access to 16 tracks (Institutes) by job function, each focused on world-class best practices on a continuous basis rather than "once and done" annual events. This provides the deep understanding and thought leadership needed to successfully execute business plans and achieve performance goals. Key benefits HiPoLeaders brings to any leadership development program:

  • Current best practices prepare your leaders to face today's and future challenges.
  • Instantly adds business alignment to any leadership development program.
  • Deep knowledge of best practices across your leaders is a key source of competitive advantage.

Top 10 Benefits.

1. Monthly Best Practices Clinics.
Each month by function we feature a world-class top executive. The experience and seniority of the speakers is unsurpassed -- your high potentials will learn directly from top global leaders about the latest strategies, solutions, best practices, and how to succeeed. The meetings run an hour and are done by webconference so participants can join from any location.

2. On-Demand Best Practices Videos.
We capture all meetings so participants can watch over a thousand on-demand videos containing a wealth of best practices and ideas.

3. Best Practices Executive Summaries.
We generate executive summaries from each meeting with the key takeaways and learning nuggets so that participants can reference them at any time and easily put them into action at your organization for improved performance.

4. Key Article Spotting to Stay Current.
Each month we pick out the 6 most important articles in each function that busy high potentials should absolutely not have missed to keep them informed and current.

5. Book of the Month Summaries.
Each month we select the most important book by function, then summarize the ideas in writing and audio so within minutes participants can absorb the key takeaways. This can be accessed from a PC or tablet or even listened to during a commute.

6. Online Resources Portal.
Our highly acclaimed online resources portal provides instant access to on-demand best practices videos, summaries of past meetings, advice forum, key book summaries, hundreds of executive audiobooks, and many other valuable benefits.

7. Online Forum for Advice.
High Potentials can post questions in the online forum and receive valuable insight, perspective, advice and counsel from respected top leaders in their function.

8. CEU Continuing Education Credits.
For those participants who maintain a professional accreditation we track participation at our monthly meetings and when participants watch our seminars on-demand. This automatically generates completion certificates which usually count toward their accreditation ongoing education requirements.

9. Research Study Results.
Several times per year we publish insightful research reports and studies with ideas that have proven to be effective at driving improvements in other top performing companies.

10. Advice from the World's Top Leaders!
In addition to hearing best practices, participants may also reach out to the expert executives anytime for clarification, additional detail, or thoughts on a matter. Most are very generous with their time and glad to help with perspective and ideas. We are also glad to make introductions if wished.

Go to HiPoLeaders.com for more info.

Feedback from Past Participants

"Practical strategic advice!"
- John Coattlin, Vice President, Gillette Company

"Very useful information, right on target!"
- Joseph Raia, Vice President, IPSOS

"Great job! Very informative!"
- Vera Farris, Rabaut Design Associates

"Made me THINK!"
- Keith Mangum, Continuity Programs

"Information you know but don't know how to use. Very useful."
- Whitney Millard, Steele & Market

"Too many effective ideas to mention. Simply put -- potential for real positive and effective change. One word -- fantastic!"
- Ray Coury, Manager, BKR Metcalf Davis

"I came hoping to pick up one or two tools. I am taking home a full tool box!"
- Daniel New, Project Manager, Legal Defense Fund

"It was very useful and I will utilize many of the points and objectives."
- Rachita Acharya, Pyramid Consulting

"Excellent workshop!"
- Yeumei Shon, President, Cottonfield

"It was well worth my investment in time!"
- Catherine Hanson, Fortune Magazine

"Let me say once again that your presentation was brilliant. . . you had them thinking individually about the real issues they would need to deal with in facing the changes ahead."
- Dennis K. Wentz, Director, American Medical Association

"Thank you, this is a good info summary. I found the presentation very interesting."
- Celine Rasborn, Director, Fujitsu

"This is terrific. Content curation along these lines is a great help."
- Rich Kylberg, VP, Arrow

"This really helps focus our attention. Thanks!"
- Joseph Brownlee, GM, Rotary